lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

Post 7: My favorite TV show

My favorite TV program is the sitcom Friends. When I was a girl, sometimes I was watch TV with my mom, and she was like watch that Tv show. It is the comedian's program, that show for the first time in 1994 until 2004, it was a lot sucess. The tv program speak to friend's group: Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler. Fourth friends that living his adventure with humor. My favorite episode is when Rachel's daughter was to birthday and her parent want celebrate, because that episode made me laugh a lot. 

Sometimes, when I'm boring, watch that comedian's program and I have fun. In fact, in the summer vacation, with my friends was watch third season all. We was very good. 

But, don't be is good, because I have difference of opinion about as adress to matter to relationship to love, is a not much heal. So that, I don't like to character Ross. 

Finally, lately I don't a lot watch TV's program because prefer to watch internet's program or watch video to music in Youtube, I have more fun. 

Thanks for take attention :) 

lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Post 6: Post graduate studies

Hi, everyone! 

Today, I go to talk about my future, after to finish my career. Sincerely, I would like study all the life,  a lot different thing, and go around the world. But, the life isn't easy and is necessary a lot money :(

Because of previous, I think someone thing. The first, after go out the university, I would like work for a time (someone years) in the clinical area, because I would hope that economic help to my family. 

After that, I would like study postgraduate course like that master's degree, specially, I would go away out Chile. I would like study a course that I can juggle with my career, and my interest, something connected with the gender violence. It's important to improve constatly, above everything, in sensitive topic like that.  Also, it's important I know other women's reality, in other place of the world. But, if  I wouldn't can study in another place, well I study here. 

In conclusion, it's hard to do all the thing that I would like, but not impossible. I have to work hard to achieve everything I want. 



lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

My future Job

Hi, everyone, Today I'm go to talk about my future job.

In the future (not distant) I would like to do things a lot,  first of all, now in a not so distant time, I study psychology, that I would like to talk with many persons, I would make the intervention in places where I live , because I would like to travel to get to other place in the world, especially in Latin America. I wouldn't stay in an office all time.

Also, I would like to study psychology because I can get a work tool, give experience to meet the people in a therapy. Well, still a little bit of study to know more with that I would like to know women and families who go through the violence. 

On the other hand I would like to study artistic make up, because I would like a lot to know about the technique to paint. To be able to make textures, dimension, etc. with a lot of colours. 

lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

Post 4: Someone I'd like to meet.

Well... I would like to meet someone who is dead :( But, I' don't expect  to miss meeting him in another life...

He is Gustavo Cerati. I feel a lot admiration for him, because he was a big compositor, singer, discografic producer and beautiful man... in other words he was the best artist ( I'm a big fan, ups).

Gustavo was born in 1959, in Buenos Aires, Argentina (very close from Chile). His fame was because he was the lider of Soda Stereo, with Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti. The band was world sucess because it released the latin American's Rock in all world). Another thing that I like to mention, is that he was very near to Chile, because Cerati got married with Cecilia Amenabar, a Chilean woman! (it was almost me! ok no.) Unfortunately, he died on 4th September, 2014, a very sad day :( 

 In the end, I like his music because, the lyrics
and also the sound were carried along by other planet. If  I could dream, I would like to ask him about many things, and among them, for his inspiration... WHERE THAT MUCH INSPIRATION COMES FROM!? 

lunes, 17 de abril de 2017

Post 3: Election Day

Hi, everyone! The election is coming and today I going to talk about my opinion  To begin with, on the one hand, I want to go to vote because I know the difficulty of the past for not voting, above everything, for the women, when the men don't think about us. This struggle was very important since thanks for this changed, now my vote is considered, my voice is listen to. On the other hand, I want to go to vote because I don't want a piranha to be elected. But... I don't know who to voted for and neither if I make the difference because I don't see political actor sincerely interest in the chilean people's needs, on the contrary, they take economic and power advantage. The chilean politic are not reliable. Despite, I don't lose hope. I believe exist a person honesty, responsable, with convctions, that think in the students, the old person, the women, the men, the poors, to name a few. We need new politics. Anyway, Chilito has a lot to improve.

lunes, 10 de abril de 2017

Post 2: The Best Concert Ever

Well... I don't go many concert, but I'm go to talk about especial date: When  I went to Festival de Viña with my family.

I don't remember the exact date, but I'm the girl (10 or 11 years old) and I went go with my mom, my brother and my uncle. That day, I was very nervous because I had never went to a concert before, but also I felt very excited. However my brother was bored because he didn't like the artists (Juan Luis Guerra, Andy y Lucas and Miranda). He thought that she was lame, but my mom and I didn't care an we had a great time. We danced and sang all nigth long and it was a nice memory with them, cause we didn't usually went out together.

Thanks for stay!  

lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

Post 1: BRAZIL!

Hi, everyone!

Today I'm going to talk about a country I would like to visit: Brazil!

According to what they say people, Brazil is a beautiful place and a big country, so that I feel a lot curiosity to know this country and live here.

At first, I know it is very nearby, in south of American continent (right there!). Besides, the language (Portuguese) is a similar to Spanish, so that it is a not complicated learning (I hope...). Finally, in addition, the people in this country are very passionate for futbol.

In my opinion, I would like work here and know the people more, because, although is a beautiful place, it has its bad side.